Are You Interested In Becoming a Bail Bond Agent ? 

If so we can help! B&B Bonding Company is looking for bail bond agents on a regular basis. We post bail bonds in great State of Tennessee, and we are taking resumes . If you would like to start a new career in the bail bond industry, or continue the career you have already started. Send us your resume by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. We may be hiring bail bond agents in your area!

A Few Things To Know About Bail Bond Agents

*Being a bail bond agent can be very demanding, but also very rewarding. If you like to help people and there families this may be the career for you.

*Most bail bond agents are commission based.

*Most bail bond agents go to court. Some are required to go to court on a regular basis by the judge in the county they post bail in. Agents will also go to court to file paperwork or pick up paperwork         issued by the courts.

Criteria To Become a Bail Bond Agent..

*Clean Criminal Record

*Drug Free

*Be able to obtain and keep up to date T.A.P.B.A Continuing Education certificate of completion. To see continuing education class schedules Click Here

*Be able to obtain and keep a State licence.

Think This Career Path Is Right For You?

If you think becoming a bail bond agent is the right career path for you please tell us a little about yourself and leave us your contact info to apply by sending us an Email by clicking Click Here!