• do not depart the jurisdiction of the court without consent of B&B BONDING COMPANY.
  • do not move from one address to another without notifying B&B BONDING COMPANY.
  • do not commit any act which shall constitute reasonable evidence of principal’s intention to cause forfeiture of said bond.
  • do not make any material false statements in the application.
  • do not get incarcerated while under this bond.

Signature of principal is evidence of their agreement that monies paid for Premium, Service Charge and State Tax are irrevocable (not refundable).

Co-signer and Defendant
  • will at all times indemnify and hold the said SURETY harmless from and against every and all claim, demand, liability, cost, charge, counsel fee, expense, suit, order, judgment, or adjudication whatsoever which said SURETY shall or may for any cause at any time sustain or incur by reason or in consequences of the said SURETY having executed said bond or undertaking; will, upon demand, place funds with the said SURETY to meet every claim, demand, liability, cost, charge, counsel fee, expense, suit, order, judgment or adjudication against it, by reason of Suretyship, and before it shall be required to pay the same.
  • provides that as long as there is any liability or loss of any nature whatsoever to the Surety upon the bond referred to herein, the undersigned will not make any transfer, or any attempted transfer of any of the property, real or personal, given as security or which the undersigned may subsequently acquire or of any interest therein,  and it is further agreed that the Surety shall have a lien upon all property of the undersigned for any sums due it or for which it has become, or may become, liable by reason of its having executed the bond referred to herein.