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Have someone in jail? We’ve got your bail!

B&B Bonding Company. Need a bail bondsman Tennessee? Need affordable bail bonds Tennessee? B&B Bonding Company is a Professional Tennessee Bail Bondsman!!

Professional Tennessee Bail Bondsman executing bail bonds 24 hours a day 7 days a week, bail bonding in most East Tennessee Counties.

Knox County Bail Bonds Knoxville TN Bail Bondsman Knox County Bonding Company Knoxville TN Bail Bondsman Knoxville TN

B&B Bonding Company is a Tennessee bonding company with the main office located in Knoxville Tennessee. Every Tennessee bonding company is governed by Tennessee’s bail bond laws and regulations. B&B Bonding Company was established in 2004 and is in compliance with all of Tennessee bail bond laws and regulations.

As a Tennessee bonding company, B&B Bonding Company is currently doing business in most eastern districts in the state and has professional Tennessee Bail Bondsman, executing bail bonds 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Please look in the Bail Bonds Service Area to find the county you are needing  and then contact the Professional Bail Bondsman in that area by clicking the phone number on any mobile device.

How To Make Bail Bonds

B&B Bonding Company Tennessee

Tennessee Bail Bonds 

  • Choose a bonding company qualified in Tennessee.
  • Call and talk to a Professional Bail Bondsman in Tennessee. The basic arrangements will be made over the phone. Discuss the bail bond amount, and how much you should pay. Afterwards, you will then agree on a meeting place and time.
  • Meet your Bail Bondsman at the jail or selected place. Sign and agree to the contract, you need to have a valid ID.
  • Be sure to protect yourself and get a receipt.
  • A Professional Bail Bondsman in Tennessee  will fill out all of the appropriate paperwork to post the bail bond.
  • The jail will process the bond and release the defendant. Jail processing time will be approximately 2 – 4 hours. The bail bonding company can’t control the jail processing time.
Tennessee Bail Bondsman Fees and Taxes

B&B Bonding Company fees are 10% of the bond amount for Tennessee residents with a Cosigner. Bail bonding fees are 15% of the bond amount for out of state residents. There is also a service charge of $25. Every person bonded must pay a Tennessee bail bond tax of $12.00. These fees and taxes are not refundable.

Bond Security

High risk bonds must pay an additional fee called bond security. However, bond security is refundable. When you agree to pay bond security, protect yourself and get a receipt.

  • The bond security is refundable once the defendant has made all of their court appearances  and there is a disposition entered for the case.
  • If the defendant fails to appear in Court, and cannot be returned in a timely manner. The bond security is used to satisfy the obligation to the Court and will not be refunded.
High Risk Bonds
  • Out of state bonds without a local Cosigner
  • Illegal Immigrants without a local Cosigner
  • Any bond the Agent deems high risk.
Cosigning Tennessee Bail Bonds

Most bail bonds require a Cosigner. Contact B&B Bonding Company in Tennessee if the defendant fails to appear in court. There is a narrow window of opportunity to avoid additional charges.

Tennessee Professional Bail Bondsman

Do you need a bail bondsman Tennessee? Do you need a bail bonding company Tennessee?

A Tennessee Professional Bail Bondsman should be ethical, personable, informative, courteous, and have completed all of the requirements set forth by the state of Tennessee, certain persons are disqualified.

“Professional bondsman” means any person, firm, partnership or corporation, engaged for profit in the business of furnishing bail, making bonds or entering into undertakings, as surety, in criminal proceedings, or for the appearance of persons charged with any criminal offense or violation of law or ordinance punishable by fine, imprisonment or death, before any of the courts of this state, including municipal courts.