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How to make bail bonds:

1st. Choose a bonding company qualified in Tennessee.

2nd Call and talk to a professional bonding agent to set up a time to meet at the jail or selected place in Tennessee.

3rd Meet your bonding agent at the jail or selected place, agree to the contract, and pay the fees. The bonding agent will fill out all appropriate paperwork to post the bail bonds in Tennessee.

4th The jail will process the bond and release the defendant. Jail processing time will be approximately 2 hours. No bonding company can control the jail processing time.

Bonding Taxes and Fees:

Bail bonding fees are 10% of the bond amount for local, low risk bonds with a cosigner. Plus 25.00 service charge on all bonds.

Bail bonding state tax is currently $12.00 and must be charged to every person bonded.

Bail bonding Fees are 15% of the bond amount for out of state residents.

Bail Bonds Security:

Bond security is when the client is charged the full amount of the bail bonds plus the normal fee.

Once the client makes all there court appearances in Tennessee and there is a disposition entered on the case(s) the bonding company will refund the full amount of the bail bonds minus the original fees. If the defendant fails to appear in Tennessee Court, and cannot be located, the bail bonds security is used to satisfy the obligation to court and will not be refunded.

Bail bonds security is charged when clients meet certain criteria

1st Out of state bonds

2nd No cosigner

3rd Any bail bonds the agent deems high risk.

The bonding agent is required to charged bond security in these cases.

Cosigning Bail Bonds:

Cosigners are required on most bail bonds unless bond security has been charged.

A Cosigner signs a contract with the Tennessee bonding company. The contract makes the cosigner liable for the full amount of bail bonds if the defendant fails to appear and can not be located.The co-signer is also liable for the expenses of capturing the defendant. View Contract

Professional bail bonding agent:

As a professional Tennessee bail bonding agent you should be ethical, personable, informative, courteous, and have completed all the requirements set forth by the state of Tennessee.

To become a Tennessee bail bonding agent. You must comply with all requirements set forth by the state of Tennessee. Certain persons are disqualified as defined in TCA 40-11-128.